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How may I help you?

Hello, I’m Maciej Kautz – Event host and Strategist.

Hello, I’m Maciej Kautz – Event host and Strategist.

Tell me more about the guests at your event. Where are they from? What do they like? Are they looking for inspiration, knowledge, or maybe entertainment?

As your event host, I would make them feel at ease and engage them in a meaningful way.
I will help make your event special and memorable. 


It all starts with you.

I know how much depends on the success of your event– that’s why I’m not only engaged on stage, but also during preparation.

I would love to meet with you to discuss the event beforehand. I will listen to your idea of the event, as well as suggest tried and tested solutions that have helped my clients. A good event host or emcee is there with you long before your event starts. 

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So, how can I help you?

What makes a good event host or MC?

In a way, a good event host or MC is the narrator of the event.

As in a story, it is someone who has a great impact on the course of events. It is someone who introduces the characters at the right moments, and when the plot begins to unfold, presents the characters’ dialogues in the right context. He or she manages the pace, sometimes speeding up the course of events, other times allowing the viewer to immerse in what is going on.

When necessary, the event host or MC delves into describing the surroundings or creating an atmosphere of anticipation, celebration or uniqueness. That’s why the right event host can shake up an event and raise its profile.

The skill of hosting a conference is made up of numerous elements.

First and foremost, the event host or MC is a “timekeeper,” that is, someone who makes sure that everything the organizer has planned is on time and is not overextended. Part of the event host’s job is to provide information about the event agenda.

Being a lifelong journalist and live show host, over the years I have learned how to effectively deliver content. A good host has a journalistic background and broad general knowledge. This adds value to the conference being held. Sometimes the event host or MC’s on-point questions can save a speaker’s vague presentation – who admittedly is knowledgeable, but can get overwhelmed by stress. 

Am I the right event host or MC for you?

This is what you want your event to look like 

If you want your event to look like 


Let’s get on a free call and discuss the event you’re planning. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other and find out how we can work together.

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