I’ll brighten
your events
to perfection.


What are you planning?

At the centre of the action.


The event commences with you.

I’m mindful of how much depends on the success of your project. That’s why I engage from on-stage and during preparations. I’ll gladly meet with you to discuss the script. I’ll also provide tips from past, and proven events. But above all, I will follow your vision.


10-year television veteran

There’s no better presentation school, than live TV. It’s a realm in which anything can happen. My speciality rests in conversing with people. It’s here that under the sizzling hot studio lights, I do everything in my power, to help guests remain calm and collected.

Distinguished ‘Press’ Ranking

“Experience as a radio and television journalist ensures that he proves to be a captivating host. This also includes fluency in English, which enables him to engage with International companies seeking to create an event for their employees.”

Polish Radio – Broadcast in English

I am drawn to the radio. It’s a theatre of the imagination. Most important are foreigners’ stories of settling down in Poland. I proudly hold a license from the Microphone Commission of the Polish Radio. Listen here.

Best guest lecturers – SWPS

I host a lecture, ‘Image and Self-promotion’ at the SWPS University. Here, I take a practical approach, and teach students how to find oneself on-stage, or on-camera. In 2019, I was also awarded as best ‘timeless’ guest lecturer at SWPS.

Education: Legal Advisor

I studied law at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, and Appalachian State University in the US. University taught me the values of honesty, and openness to the world. Following my third exam, I had completed my exam as a legal advisor, in 2018.


Let’s talk about your spectacular event

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