A Quick Guide
to Get Us

I’ll be cryptic for a moment. There are compact rates, and those based individually. I look at each event with a fresh mindset, considering mine, and your workflows. I willingly get engaged with the goings-on, in commitment, preparation, and organisation with the needs of the receiving audience. “Simple, easy, and pleasant” – these aren’t words that stifle my imagination.

A VAT invoice is issued and will be sent to you via email. Kindly transfer the agreed-upon sum up to 7 days before the date of the event.

On-location, I act as the event’s ambassador, wherein I also engage with guests off-stage. I also take special care that visitors don’t get the impression that I’m impartial and indifferent. 

On top of that, the term ‘overtime’ is beneath me. I understand that an event can take longer than initially planned. I also know that things happen at the last possible moment. In any case, you can count on me to complete the job at hand.

All that I ask of you is trust. Know that I don’t mimic the script word-for-word. But I’ll always carry out its objective. I do appreciate it when you provide me with the creative freedom to help you get there.

Try to avoid writing complete sentences. Instead, go with bullet points. But write what matters to you. For example:

1. Thank you to the sponsors.

2. Meeting Agenda

3. An Anecdote

4. Director’s ‘Performance’


Remember this rule: Less is More. Rest assured, I still carry out my research. I’ll be sure to review any relevant information about your organisation, its branches, and even video materials, to better understand and interact with your people.

I’m famed for my love of rehearsals! I encourage every client, even those most experienced or busy. The dress-rehearsals never impact my valuation, but act as invaluable experiences that help you avoid mistakes on the big day. I make sure to arrive one day prior to an all-day conference.

It’s all part of making sure you can depend on me, from start to finish.

I mostly prefer a wireless microphone, and I’m not too keen on headphones. That’s because, in the event of an event hiccup, such as the director’s mic going offline – I wouldn’t be able to save the day – by transferring my microphone to them. 

Not necessarily. I have a few tested methods for keeping in touch. I’ve worked with an earpiece for nearly a decade. It’s a device that keeps you, the event manager, in contact with me. This solution is strongly associated with television productions but is making waves in the events industry as well. My experience means that speaking with the audience while listening to your messages is seamless.