At the very beginning of our successful cooperation

As your conference host and strategist, I take responsibility of everything that happens on-stage. Funnily, this also includes the atmosphere off-stage. Audience, backstage crew, speakers – I interact with everyone on the team to make them feel included. I’m alert and engaged, following everything that is happening and stepping in when required.

At so many conferences, moderators rigidly stick to the script, introducing one speaker after the other, not asking enough questions, and not listening well. My approach is different. I use a script as a framework for the event. Conversations, introductions, interactions with guests and audience are unscripted. This keeps the atmosphere lively and engaging. It also makes each event have its own identity and soul. When there’s spontaneity and a promise of something new, people are much more likely to stay. 

The answer is not as simple as the question. The services I offer vary based on client needs and so do the charges. But the starting rate for my conference hosting and strategizing services is 2500 EUR. The online public speaking coaching rate begins at 1000 EUR a day.

I’d like us to first meet online so that I can hear out your needs. This is a free introductory meeting with no conditions attached.

After our introductory online meeting, I send you an offer. If you agree to it, I send you the contract. You’re welcome to read and review it, and then we sign the contract. Next, I issue a VAT invoice. I request that the payment be transferred, at the latest, up to 7 days before the event. I accept payments via bank transfer and Revolut.

I’m fluent in English, Polish and have upper-intermediate hold over German. I’ve hosted multiple events across all three languages. If you’d like to take a look, you can see some of these events in my portfolio.

You can think of me as an event ambassador: a representative of your event’s core needs and values. Why are you organizing the event, what do you want to achieve through your event—these are on my mind while I work as your host. I introduce the speakers, engage them in discussions, talk to the audience, and make sure everyone feels involved in the event.

When I host an event, there is no ‘overtime’. I understand that an event can take longer than initially planned. I also know that sometimes things change at the last possible moment. No matter the scenario, you can count on me to complete the job you have hired me for.

All that I ask of you is trust. A script is fine to illustrate the event’s framework, but it can’t create an engaging and dynamic event. A successful and memorable event requires spontaneity, and a genuine curiosity in engaging the speakers as well as the guests. Because I don’t follow a rigid script, trust is essential. I sure will deliver your objective, but I will follow my own map to get there. I appreciate the creative freedom to help you deliver the event that we will both be collaborating on. 

I encourage you to not make detailed scripts. Instead, go with bullet points and write only what matters to you. For example:

1. Thank the sponsors
2. Meeting agenda
3. Share an anecdote
4. Keynote/Director’s speech

And rest assured. I carry out incredibly thorough research on my end, to fill out the details. I’ll be sure to review any relevant information about your organisation, its branches, and even video materials, to better understand and interact with your people. This applies not just to your organization but also to the speakers, the topics that are to be covered in the conference, and whatever else that the event demands. That’s also why I enjoy meeting you online well in advance, so that we both have the time to talk about the event, the invitees, the agenda etc. I like going the extra mile— hearing from you and your team members. The more we hear from each other, the more seamless and smooth our interactions will be on the actual event day. 

I make sure to arrive one day prior. This gives us the peace of mind that is so appreciated in high-profile events. It’s part of my effort to make sure that you can depend on me, from the very beginning to the end. In case of virtual events where I’m asked to join from my own studio in Poland, I log in one hour before the event begins. 

And I’m famed for my love of rehearsals. So, yes! You can count on me to be there for the event rehearsal—for onstage or virtual events. There is no additional charge for the rehearsal event—it’s a part of all my packages.

I encourage every client and speaker, even those most experienced or busy, to participate in the rehearsal. This gives us all the much-needed peace of mind.

I mostly prefer handheld microphones, for they give us some extra safety. That’s because, in the event of a tech hiccup, such as the speaker’s mic going offline – I can salvage the situation by transferring my microphone to them. But I also work with hands-free headsets, especially when there’s a lot of material that I’ve to scroll through on my tablet (e.g., at awards ceremonies there are many names to read out from the award list).

My trusted tablet is also handy and a great companion to keep the audience engaged during virtual events. I use it not just to check the agenda, but also to keep an eye on what the audience’s talk is on the chat. I like to read out people’s names and comments to truly involve them in the discussion. That’s validating them and makes everybody feel truly welcome. Also, when I’m off-stage, I make sure to reply to comments and keep the talk going. Having a personal experience with the platform where the event is being hosted means that I can also help speakers/audience have a smoother experience interacting on it.

No. I have a few tested methods for keeping in touch. I’ve worked with an in-ear communication piece for nearly a decade. It keeps you, the event manager, in contact with me. This solution is strongly associated with television productions but is making waves in the events industry as well. Speaking (with the audience) while listening (to your messages) is seamless. Especially if you’re brief 😉

Yes, I’m fully vaccinated against COVID-19. I got two shots in 2021 and a booster in early 2022.
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