20th Anniversary of an International Law Firm

It was the most spectacular evening. The law firm I was hosting the event for belongs to a global network of law firms with offices in 66 countries. That meant I had two main tasks as an event host. First, take care to set a sophisticated, uncontroversial setting and celebrate the founders. Second, conduct the whole thing in two languages – English and Polish – using both almost simultaneously.

Due to the scale of the challenges, we made the first arrangements with the event agency organizing the jubilee six months before the event. I was also in touch with customer representatives all the time, and in the month preceding the event I visited them at the Warsaw headquarters.

They had an excellent idea: to quiz facts from two decades’ of the firm’s history in the form of a quiz. Therefore, moments after the awards were given to key employees, I invited guests to check their knowledge about the company. I hosted the whole thing dynamically, pulling out anecdotes about the key speakers and elaborating the stories hidden in the quiz questions. The whole event came together nicely in a lively and a natural way. The whole event was complemented by a concert by Kuba Badach and Monika Borzym.

Place of the event
Kręgliccy Fortress, Warsaw
Event client
Event date
Award Ceremonies, English Language events, Gala
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