Family Business Initiative Charity Ball


That evening, one of the guests of the Family Business Initiative was Wojciech Herra, a well-known motivational speaker within the world of business and sport. He already knew me from the „I love marketing” events and „Hotel Marketing Conference”where we had met on stage. But he met me the most on the occasion of the U-FAMILY Charity Ball. This is how he described my conduct of the event:

Auctioneering is the biggest match for the announcer - especially bidding among wealthy people. On the one hand, it is necessary to stimulate competition and walk the fine line of the "need to show up", and on the other hand, it is very easy to cross that line and turn bidding into extortion, or worse, "an ego contest".

Maciej indeed managed the audience and their check books, leaving me awestruck, and thinking - "now that’s a master – how did he do that?"

I described what can be done to successfully to conduct a bidding contest, or auction in my article.

"How does he do it?" I answered Wojciech’s question in his internet program "Herra On-Air". You can click here as a podcast and watch it below:


What are organisers and participants saying?

Maciej is one of the utmost professionals I have ever met. I'm proud and thrilled every time we meet on the same stage.

Wojciech Herra

Professional Motivational Speaker