Direct to Internationalization Conference

As part of this conference, each participant – including speakers and I as the host – broadcast from our own offices and homes. So it was a slightly more difficult task than usual. Before the conference itself, we held many meetings during which I suggested to the speakers what they could do to make the quality of their video higher.

The conference was very well received, because from the first to the last minute we kept the audience at a high level of engagement and interactions. Jarosław Jabłoński, a co-organizer, who is cited below, speaks about it.


What the organizers and participants have to say

Jarosław Jabłoński
Jarosław JabłońskiExecutor, Director of the Multimedia Department, ICAN Institute
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If you are tired of more boring zoom and talking heads, I definitely recommend Maciej as the host of the event. Thanks to him, the meeting will be lively and natural and the participants and, interestingly, speakers will be very involved. An additional advantage of Maciej is his own technical facilities and efficient movement in modern technologies.
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