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How did I make participants of the Energy conference punctually return to the lecture after lunch break?

🚩 PROBLEM: Many guests after 14:00 do not return to the conference, but head home.

✔️ SOLUTION: Good coordination between the event host and the speakers is the beginning of creative ideas! How do I do that? Firstly I…

1) Meet the speakers online

While preparing to moderate the event for the Ministry of Climate and Environment, I asked for a meeting with the speakers. I talked to them as I used to talk to the guests on my radio talk show. After we both parties met each other, there was a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to this, on the day of the event we greeted each other not as strangers but people we are acquainted with.

2) Do a pre-interview with them

Let me share the example of Ludwik Tomaszewski, a speaker from Energa. Ludwik is the “Chief Engineer for Measurement Management”. Well, this description is probably professional, but in my opinion it does not bring the speaker closer to people. It is abstract – when you hear it, no image is created in your head. So it would be another correct but also boring announcement. Introductions become much more lively and engaging when you understand the person behind the profile. For that I would need to…

3) Find the passion in the person

I asked Ludwik if he liked his job. He replied that yes – after all, he had been doing it for 15 years. From one thing to another it turned out that he had started work with the electricity department. He assembled devices, repaired connections, fixed meter boxes– that kind of thing. He often had night duty. He liked the work so much that he decided to explore the subject at the Gdańsk University of Technology. Later he was promoted.

That’s why now, when Ludwik talks about a new generation of current meters – those that an employee no longer has to visit – he knows it from his own experience. He knows that the reading is already happening remotely, safely, without paper. And the average Jill or Joe can check their power consumption with an accuracy of 15 minutes. 

4) Use the prop

The subject of meters intrigued me. As I used to be in the TV editorial office, I started figuring out how cool it was to present it. I asked Ludwik if we could bring the modern equipment to the conference. He agreed and even offered to bring an old, heavy model as well. Great! In that way, we could show the audience, not with slideshows but really, tangibly, the change that had taken place over the years.

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Thanks to the idea, when the lunch hour came and it was time for me to announce the break, I did it in the company of Ludwik. I invited him to the stage.
3 things that happened:

  • We knew each other well thanks to the pre-meetings and so Ludwik did not feel stressed when I invited him on to the stage
  • There were still many participants around since we announced right before the lunch break and so we had a large audience
  • Ludwik took with him the two meters we showed to the audience, promising to share more during his presentation later in the day.


  • After the break we still had a high turnout since people were curious about the equipment
  • Participants asked Ludwik about the meters already during lunch break (so the prop became a nice starting point for conversations)
  • We showed an abstract, complicated topic not just concretely but also from the human side.

I hope these are useful for you. May the force be with you.  🔌


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