"Initiators" Awards Gala


In the age of ubiquitous social media, more and more people are completely aware of their image, skilfully creating it. However, there is a small group of people who, although incomparably more deserving of being noticed, often remain in the shadows. Even when asked about their commitment to working for those in need, they live up to the fact that it's no big deal.

This is how many social workers reacted to the news of the nomination for the "Initiators 2019" competition. As the announcer of this online gala, I was very pleased that we could appreciate the quiet heroes of everyday life. It was an extraordinary evening, during which:

  • I explored unknown corners of the Floor Stage
  • I announced the winners by speeding on a bike (not quite stationary)
  • I worked on stage with a sign language translator

I would like to pay the most attention to the latter. When I'm running events, I take care of people who usually work behind the scenes. Those whose work is often not in the foreground. As an announcer of the gala produced for the City of Poznań, I talked about the work of Eunika Lech – sign translator. I also explained why, that because of her work, my announcements had been extra special at certain times.

The whole gala can be viewed click here.

Photos: Piotr Maciantowicz.


What are organisers and participants saying?

A great quality of Maciej is his need to drill down on a topic and gather information about the issue, which enriches the content presented by him and adds a more ‘human’ dimension. The customer was very satisfied, as the appreciated the entire concept, and most importantly - the final effect.
Such was the result that we were asked to cooperate on the next project. The warm reception was influenced by the presenter - the client emphasized the positive rapport and professionalism.

Piotr Maciantowicz

Organizer, Estrada Poznańska