Initiators Awards Gala

In the era of ubiquitous social media, there are more and more people who are fully aware of their image, skillfully creating it. However, there is a quiet group of people who, although they undoubtedly deserve to be noticed, often remain in the shadows. Even when asked about their commitment to working for those in need, many say that it’s no big deal after all. This is how many social activists reacted to the news of the nomination for the “Initiators 2019” competition.

As an event host of this online gala, I was very happy to celebrate the heroes of everyday life who go unnoticed. It was an extraordinary evening during which

  • I explored unknown corners of the Stage on the Floor
  • announced the winners by rushing on a bike (not quite stationary)
  • I worked on stage with a sign language interpreter

And I would like to pay the most attention to that last point.
When hosting events, I take care of people usually working behind the scenes. Those whose work is often not in the foreground. As an announcer of the gala produced for the City of Poznań, at the very beginning I talked about the work of Mrs. Eunika Lech – sign language interpreter. I also explained that due to her work my announcements will become more special.

The whole gala can be viewed here.

Photos by Piotr Maciantowicz.


What the organizers and participants have to say

Piotr Maciantowicz
Piotr MaciantowiczOrganizer, Estrada Poznańska
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Maciej's good feature is the need to dig into the subject and gain information on a given issue, which diversifies the content he presents and adds to it a "human" dimension. The customer was very satisfied, they liked the whole concept very much, and most importantly - the final effect. So much so that we were asked to cooperate on the next project. The good reception was influenced by the host - the client emphasized the ease and professionalism.
Place of the event
Stage on the First Floor, Poznań
Event client
City of Poznan
Event date
Award Ceremonies, Gala, Virtual Events
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