“Better Education” Conference 2021 Edition


I answered the phone. Darek Andrzejewski called:

- Maciej, I want to invite you to Września, just as I do each year. Will you come and host? Well, that's great. You just know – this year we’ll have to do things differently.

- Sure, Darek. I'm happy to go back to Września. I know that people won’t be joining us in-person this year. But you'll see. We’ll make it work.

We started talking about the conference scheduled for March in November. And it's no coincidence that I write about it – because if you want your event to be successful, invite everyone involved to for early talks. This allowed Darryl to calmly tell me about the changed formula of the debate, and I was able to advise him that we should not invite as many speakers as in the years when the conference was held with in-person participants. That’s simply because it's easier to "sit" in the room for 6 hours when there are coffee breaks, lunch breaks, full of interactions – and a chance to talk to the speaker. What's different during an online event – with each passing hour it is more difficult to keep the viewer's attention.

I also had some ideas for Dark when it came to inviting speakers. Last year I recommended Professor Henryk Mruka,a great speaker, whereas this year I suggested the re-invitation of a Canadian, Giancarlo Brotto.I also offered a lively audience participation and the fact that I will have a tablet in my hand throughout the conference. Why would I do that? See for yourself.

Why shouldn't we be afraid of authentic, open contact with the audience of our event? Because the benefits outweigh the doubts. Online events prove how open you are to communicating with the Recipient. As the above video shows, and above all the comments of the participants of "Better Education", the chat has expanded their experience with the conference. And the fact that the conference did not take place "next to" these conversations, only in response to them, gave the whole spectacle additional value.

"It is extraordinary that if it were not for technology, our conference could not have taken place at the present time. Connecting with speakers, but also the broadcast itself on YouTube, no longer require too many resources. Once it would have been necessary to make a TV studio for hundreds of thousands of zlotys. The conference was not without risks, but everything was successful", concluded Darek Andrzejewski, organizer of the conference.


What are organisers and participants saying?

It’s less-than appropriate to talk when we are all sitting in one room and someone is performing. But here, in the live broadcast, people could talk on a regular basis, in the chat forum. Maciek's dialogue with commenters revived the remote formula. He opened my eyes to the importance of human interaction.

Dariusz Andrzejewski

Conference Organiser

For the first time, I took part in a YouTube broadcast and online conference with such a well-executed use of messaging. It's as if I was sitting in the same room – and in this case, you can make instantaneous connections. Here, it’s been a case of self-discovery. I was already optimistic, but now I have undisputable proof! I will be sure to repeat this.

dr. hab. Stanisław Czachorowski

Conference participant; Associate Professor at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn