Semaphor Cybersecurity Conference


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our lives have moved online more than ever before. So, how do we take care of #cybersecurity in the era of malware, personal data leaks, and even hostile takeovers?

In keeping up with the times, we organized an online conference. The previous edition was a hybrid event, but for this instalment it would have been an unaffordable risk. And as this is the first project of this type in the event's nearly 15-year history, there's much to write about.


What were the challenges of the online conference?

I got used to working with the "ear", i.e. the handset, thanks to which producers could share tips and issue commands. Piotr Badalski from TPG, a company that embraces technology, told me, however, that with this production it will not be possible to organize a separate communication channel between the producer and myself. He admitted that the only option is for me to hear his "internal" channel in the handset, which he also uses to contact camera operators.

This led to a rather unusual situation in which I heard not only my intended commands, such as "3, 2, 1 ... and you're on" or "we have a connection with a guest on the line". Sometimes I also heard: "Two, make a close-up" and "Steven, sharpen the image". Although this density of messages (often appearing when I myself, appearing in front of the camera, say something to the viewers) required even greater concentration, Piotr's solution worked.


Why is this conference important to me?

I have no doubt that cybersecurity issues will become increasingly important every year. That is why I want to be where the change is happening – to meet those with an eye on the trends that will soon be our everyday life. For example, if one day soon, we will communicate with the authorities only using e-Services, what if our valuable personal data becomes taken over by people with ill intentions? Will the state pay restitution to recover citizen data?

This is only the beginning of my broader cooperation with IDG Poland. In September, I will lead two online events for them – Security First 2021, and Data Driven Innovation 2021.


Photos courtesy of IDG Poland S.A. and TPG – Technical Production Group.


What are organisers and participants saying?

Maciej is a natural in front of the camera and shows a great ease in leading conferences and discussions with experts. It was clear that he was heavily involved in the preparations.

Filip Walicki

Conference Organiser

Well prepared for the event, helpful, and taking the initiative. Organized and meticulous. Full on-stage professionalism. Two days of conducting the conference, whether in Polish or English, did not cause him a single problem.

Piotr Fergin

Conference Organiser