Pomeranian Climate Solidarity Forum


More than 200 people applied to participate in the Forum, whereby the event was broadcast on the Forum's website, through TOK FM radio equipment, and via social media. It was widely shared by our Partners.

The broadcast has been viewed 4,000 times. The conference was attended by 22 experts and 21 experts. "You have shown that during the pandemic you can still key challenges substantively, while the administration and other public institutions can continue adapting to difficult conditions and enjoy the success of new technologies", concludes Paweł Orłowski, Vice President of the Board of the Gdańsk International Fair.


What are organisers and participants saying?

Maciej was fundamentally engaged in the organization of the forum. He proposed many of the implementation solutions known from television. So, he was not a motionless, typical announcer, but a full member of the group. He easily found himself within the streaming implementation, and also managed to initiate personal contact with speakers.

Paweł Buczyński

Organizer, Vice-President of the Management Board, Gdańsk Foundation