Tumsky Residence Press Conference


It wasn't your usual press conference. First, it took place during a period of high restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. So, we could only invite a limited number of guests. This totalled to 90 people, mainly journalists.

Secondly, the investment thread – that is to say, the emerging housing building – was merely on the sidelines, because the conference focused on a unique discovery. Zagórze Street in my native Poznań is located in the historical area of Ostrow Tumski. This place is considered to be the birthplace of Polish statehood. Any investor who decides to invest in such a site can count on the possibility of finding archaeologically significant artefacts. This is what happened this time, also due to the extensive involvement of the developer. Dom-Eko, my employer on this project, which decided to carry out ground works several meters deeper than necessary.

Thanks to these efforts, during archaeological work, a defensive 40-metre-wide, 12-metre-height shaft was discovered. It turned out that the southern portion of the extensive complex was far greater than previously thought. This is the first such large fragment of a thousand-year-old defensive shaft found in Poland.

So, in my approach to this task, I focused on the scientific value of the find. I wanted journalists, when attending the press conference, to not only know the facts, but to also hear about the sincere commitment and dedication of many people. As the host of this event, I focused heavily on the human aspect of this important discovery.


What are organisers and participants saying?

Cooperation with Maciej was a pleasure. He came prepared and confident for this meeting. He effectively led the conference and directed questions from journalists with ease. It goes without saying that our decision for choosing an ideal presenter was a hit.

Anna Banaszak-Woźny

Vice President, Dom-Eko