National Sales Congress Conference (2019)

“National Sales Congress” is a meeting of sales professionals. The organizer, Zuzanna Garwacka, had seen me on the “I love marketing” scene a few months earlier. She liked this level of stage energy and commitment, so she offered me this cooperation.

The first speech belonged to Jacek Walkiewicz. He is one of the most recognizable Polish speakers. I enjoyed this meeting because I knew the famous speech of this psychologist from the TEDx conference, but I never met him live. During the hour’s speech, he pointed out that too often the message that adults in Poland address to children is “be careful”. Unfortunately, from generation to generation we convey a kind of distrust in Poland – for other people, but often even towards ourselves, our own potential and skills. I firmly took Mr. Jacek Walkiewicz’s words to heart and I feel that I will do my best to convey a message that strengthens my children, not cuts my wings.

Karol Bielecki, handball player and vice-champion of the world from 2007, also talked about the power of faith in his abilities. In turn, lovers of sales specifics found a lot of value in the speeches of Franciszek Georgiev and Nikolay Kirov. 

Photos by Jakub Zych


What the organizers and participants have to say

Zuzanna Garwacka
Zuzanna GarwackaOrganizer, International Center of Events
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The role of the NSC leader is not easy, because the speeches are very substantive. Maciej worked great, helped activate the audience to maintain a high level of energy. He is not a leader, but even a host. He led the debate well, keeping a balance between the speakers, but also provoking them to speak.
Place of the event
PGE Narodowy, Warszawa
Event client
International Center of Events
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