Online Christmas Eve Party

This is the only event in my career in which my cat, Benson, appeared in the frame. No one minded and what’s more – the participants, when he unexpectedly showed up by my side, quickly included him. It turned out that there were many cat and dog lovers at this Christmas eve event, and that it was good material to start.

Of course, I didn’t plan on having Benson at this event. However, since all participants and even me, the event, were joining from their homes and offices, it was a possibility. These kinds of possible risks that employees of this company calculate on a daily basis.

In addition to me and Benson, there were Ladies of Power, an extremely energetic female trio, as well as Magik Y. I already knew them from earlier productions, but on this occasion, even before their performances, I could interact with them. In a conversation with me, Igrek explained how the illusion comes in handy a week before Christmas, but also mentioned his experiences with the insurance industry.

The whole event was suffused with a festive atmosphere and… the Hopin platform. I have already been acquainted with it thanks to the event for PMI Chapter Poland (you can read more here), also conducted events using this tool. I write about Hopin because it is really good. It not only allows you to watch a event at the same time, comment, but also to divide into groups. In addition, there is a one-on-one interaction option, during which the computer randomly assigns us a partner for a 5-minute conversation, and also suggests conversation topics if things do not automatically click between the two people. Then it switches to another person – well, unless both sides agree to ask Hopin for extra time. This feature worked great at this event. 

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