Opening of the Amica Showroom

This was quite an unusual event, because it combined a ceremonial opening (showroom) with live cooking by Andrzej Polan and a presentation of the brand’s products.

Around 13:00 I welcomed journalists to a new space at the Poznań City Stadium. It was designed for people who would like to get to know not only innovative products, but also to look back with fondness and nostalgia at the equipment they saw in their grandparents’ apartment in their childhood.

The showroom invites you to look at the nearly 80-year history of Amica, a company with Polish capital that has successfully found itself across European markets.

Less than a year earlier, I opened a High Storage Warehouse for the Wronki brand from Greater Poland. This time, however, the company wanted to emphasize the great commitment also in the provincial capital. My task was not only to build an atmosphere of openness, but also to host a discussion panel with journalists. This is the moment where I could use my experience as a TV and radio journalist, drawing guests’ attention to the most interesting aspects of the new investment.

After an hour, the event took on a different, much less formal character. I could already take off my jacket and join Andrzej Polan, a Warsaw restaurateur who was invited to a culinary show. Together we talked about each of the dishes prepared, trying to encourage guests to interact as much as possible.

I am glad that thanks to this event I met Andrzej who turned out to be a very contactable and intriguing interlocutor. In retrospect – looking at our photos – I find that I should have taken off not only my jacket, but also my tie.

Place of the event
Municipal Stadium, Poznań
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Opening, Press Events
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