Opening of the High Storage Warehouse


Instead of sharing cold, sterile information from the event, I will write that during the spectacle, it was possible to feel something special. I felt proud to participate in such an opening. It is the largest distribution centers, in Poland and one of the most significant distribution centers in Europe. It can accommodate 230 thousand large household appliances, but most importantly of all, is it remains completely automated. No human works in it every day – although up to 1,500 packages can be transported within an hour.

I genuinely am pleased that a Polish company has been operating successfully with traditions in an extremely competitive market since 1945. After all, there are few Polish export hits. We appreciate when the Solaris bus will take us from the airport to the center in Dubai, and in New York's Times Square, where we will see the shine from neon signs of the Max Factor boutique. Amica is also such a company for me. I appreciate it even more because it has not been taken over by any of the Western giants. On the contrary, the brand itself takes over rivals such as the British CDA or Danish Gram.

Whoever sees the conference will surely see this pride. Interestingly, the event took place on the mezzanine of the warehouse, in addition, at an impressive height. The highlight was the ‘dance of the puzzles’, that is, the moment when the robots performing the entire warehouse work began to move in specially-programmed choreography. It was a unique sight, because from the next day, no one from the outside can enter the MWS. I only took a breath when the journalists and I were able to take some fresh air on the roof of the High Storage Warehouse. Heights of almost 50 meters are a good vantage point for Wronki and nearby villages.

And if you are interested in the technological thread in this project, be sure to watch the video report of the extremely difficult operation, which was the transport of these ‘puzzlers’ each weighing 30 tons.