Presentation of Patryk Hardziej’s Mural

A mural that in addition to having artistic value also makes an impact on the environment?

When I first learned about this project from the GoldenSubmarine team, I was intrigued. Soon after I met Patrick Hardziej, graphic designer and illustrator, and when we talked, I really got pumped up about this project. This was in October 2020.

Patryk began to prepare the graphics which in a few months were to decorate the huge facade of the building at 49 Piękna street in Warsaw. So, how did he go about it?
In the studio in the Tri-City (Patryk is also a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk), he sketched the figure of a man on a large piece of paper with a pencil. Then he transferred the work to a digital device– a tablet on which he colored the image. In an interview with me, he explained that at every stage he had to remember the scale – so that the team painting the mural had the work as clear cut as possible.


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The project was created as part of the “Black Glade” – a series of artistic activities whose patron is Żubrówka Czarna. The brand originating from the Białowieża Forest, i.e. the cleanest area of Poland, is taking further action for the environment. The paint used when painting the mural absorbs nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide. I also remember that I had recently heard of those who clean the air in Warsaw, so this was another step towards improvement.

My task was to create the right setting for the presentation of the mural. Previously it would have been a traditional conference. But in the era of pandemic, we focused on an online event – a dynamic conversation with an artist-graphic designer and a representative of CEDC. You can watch it on my Instagram account here


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What the organizers and participants have to say

Agnieszka Boryś
Agnieszka BoryśCo-organizer, PR Manager, CEDC International
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Maciej perfectly led the online press meeting of Żubrówka Czarna. He introduced guests to the topic of the meeting, and then conducted conversations with guests very interestingly and dynamically. He stuck perfectly to the timing, which was an additional challenge when meeting online!
Małgorzata Nowak
Małgorzata NowakCo-organizer, Senior Account Manager, GoldenSubmarine
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Maciej worked perfectly. In addition, with his nice personality, he brought people closer together and created a cool atmosphere during the event.
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Otako Studio, Warsaw
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Press Events, Virtual Events
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