Patryk Hardziej Mural Presentation


Can a mural that, above its artistic value, also have an impact on the environment? At first, when I learned about this project from the GoldenSubmarine team, I was intrigued. A short time later, I met Patrick Hardziej, a graphic designer and illustrator, and when we talked, was when I really took to this incredible project.

As early as October 2020, Patryk began preparing a graphic, which in a few months was to adorn the powerful façade of the building at 49 Piękna Street in Warsaw, fittingly translating to ‘Beautiful Street’. But how did end up here? In his Tricity studio – where he’s also a lecturer at the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts - Patryk began to sketch the figure of a man in pencil onto a large piece of paper. He then moved his work to the digital world, and to a tablet on which he colourized the image. In our interview, he explained to me that at every stage, he had to remember the scale. That way so that the team painting the mural had the least complicated work.

The project was created as part of the "Black Glade" – a series of artistic activities, the patron of which was Żubrówka Czarna. The brand, which originates from the Białowieża Forest, the most unspoiled land in Poland, is taking further action towards the environment. The paint used to coat the mural absorbs nitric oxide and sulphur dioxide. I remember recently hearing about sidewalks that clean the air in Warsaw, so this is yet another step in the right direction.

My task was to give this mural the presentation it well-deserved. Once upon a time, this would have probably been a traditional conference. In the pandemic era, we focused on an online event – a dynamic conversation with a graphic artist and a representative of CEDC. You can watch my Instagram story here.


What are organisers and participants saying?

Maciej led a great online press conference for Żubrówki Czarne. He introduced guests to the topic of the meeting, before passionately and captivatingly conducting conversations with guests. He stuck to timing perfectly, which was an additional challenge when meeting online!

Agnieszka Boryś

Co-Organiser, PR Manager, CEDC International

Maciej did a remarkable job. What’s more is with his sparkling personality, he united the people and created the kind of atmosphere our event was certainly edging for.

Małgorzata Nowak

Co-Organiser, Senior Account Manager, GoldenSubmarine