Interview – Mark Loughran, Head of Microsoft Poland


This is the first meeting of the Explore the Dots Foundation ‘Turning Points’ series. I had a two-hour conversation with Dr. Mark Loughran, CEO of Microsoft, Poland. The English conversation was attended by 120 guests at the Malthouse (Słodownia) of the Old Brewery.

We discussed the role of the leaders in digital transformation era, as well as the modern management of teams, knowledge in the organization, and its culture. What is the competence map of the future? How can business leaders support their dissemination? From whom did Dr. Mark Loughran learn something brand new last time? How do I prepare and manage employees with unique abilities? How do you manage those you don't have – because they're remote on the other side of the world? How does one build team spirit, not just celebrating individual achievements?

How did I make sure that Mark Loughran felt comfortable enough to speak his mind? First, I asked the employees of the Microsoft Poland team to arrive at the discussion venue 2 hours earlier. This allowed me to invite Mark for an hour-long lunch. At that time, we were able to get to know each other. I initially mentioned the topics that we will talk about, but I also asked about typical life issues. It turned out that Mark repeatedly changed jobs, and at the same time the country where he came to do it. For that reason, his family is accustomed to constant changes. On this occasion, I told him about my travels around the world, and my year in Belgium, and time spent living in the USA.

The conversation itself became a more cordial meeting of old friends than a rigid interview conducted on a "question - answer" basis.


What are organisers and participants saying?

People open up to you. Sometimes they will say something personal enough to interest. Maciek balanced between two languages perfectly. He also never forgets maintaining contact with the audience, making every moment of the event more lively.

Bartosz Galica

Participant, Mobile Apps Developer