Semafor Cybersecurity Conference

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, an even larger part of our lives moved to the Internet than before. So, how to take care of #cybersecurity in the era of malware, personal data leaks and even hostile acquisitions?

In keeping with the times, we organized an online conference. The previous edition was hybrid, but this time we could no longer afford such an arrangement. And since this is the first production of its kind in the almost 15-year history of the event, that is something to write about.

What were the implementation challenges of the online conference?

I’m used to working with the “ear”. So I have a handset and an in-ear piece through which the producers can give me tips and commands. Piotr Badalski from the technology company TPG told me that with this particular event production it will not be possible to organize a separate communication channel between the producer and me. He said the only option was for me to listen in on his “internal” channel in the handset, which he also uses to contact camera operators. This led to a rather unusual situation.

I heard in my ear not only commands intended for me, such as “3, 2, 1… and you are on” or “we have a connection with a guest on the line”. Sometimes I also heard: “Two, make a close-up” and “Wojtek, sharpen the slider”.

Although this density of messages (often appearing when I myself, appearing in front of the camera, say something to the audience) required even more concentration, it worked out. 

Why was this conference important to me?

I have no doubt that issues related to network security will gain importance every year. That’s why I want to be where the change is happening – to meet people who keep an eye on phenomena that will soon be a part of our everyday life. For example, what if our valuable personal data is taken over by people with malicious intentions from a government platform? Will the state help recover data about citizens? Will it pay them for damages?

This is the beginning of my broader cooperation with IDG Poland. In September, I will conduct two online events for them – Security First 2021 and Data Driven Innovation 2021.

Images courtesy of IDG Poland S.A. and TPG – Technical Production Group. 


What the organizers have to say

FILIP WALICKIConference organizer
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Maciej is a professional who feels very comfortable in front of the camera and has a lot of lightness in introducing conferences and discussions with experts. It was clear that he became strongly involved in the preparations.
PIOTR FERGINConference organizer
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Greatly prepared for the event, helpful, coming up with initiative. Organized and meticulous. Full professionalism on stage. Two days of conducting the conference, whether in Polish or English, did not cause him any problem.
Place of the event
Sheraton Grand Warsaw
Event client
Computerworld magazine
Event date
- 28.05.2021
Conferences, Virtual Events
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