Tumsky Residence Press Conference

It was no ordinary press conference. First, it took place during a period of high restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. So we could only invite a limited number of guests (90 people, mostly journalists).

Secondly, the investment thread – i.e. concerning the emerging residential building – was only side, because the conference focused on a unique discovery. Zagórze Street in my hometown of Poznań is located in the historical area of Ostrów Tumskiego. This place is considered the beginning of Polish statehood. Every investor who decides to invest in such an area takes into account the possibility of finding archaeologically valuable collections. This is also what happened this time, also due to the above-average involvement of the developer. Dom-Eko, my employer on this project, decided to carry out work a few meters deeper than necessary.

Thanks to this, during archaeological work, a defensive rampart 40 meters wide and 12 meters high was discovered. It turned out that the southern part of the castle complex was larger than previously thought. It is the first such large fragment of a thousand-year-old rampart found in Poland.

So approaching this task, I focused on the scientific value of the find. I wanted journalists, participating in the press conference, not only to learn the facts, but also to hear about the sincere commitment and dedication of many people. As the host of this event, I focused strongly on the human aspect of this important discovery. 


What the organizers and participants have to say

Anna Banaszak-woźny
Anna Banaszak-woźnyVice President of Dom-Eko
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Cooperation with Maciej was a pleasure, because he actually prepared strongly and substantively for this meeting. He efficiently conducted the conference and directed questions from journalists. The decision to choose a leader was a hit.
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Zagórze 9, Poznań
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