What should a good auctioneer keep in mind?

When selecting an auctioneer, emphasise their emotional intelligence. Auctions trigger a wide spectrum of impressions.

Auctions brim full of emotion. With stakes this high, they require a sense of responsibility.

Anybody attending an auction, even once, knows the fine line between desiring an item, and aggressively overbidding for it. This takes on a whole new meaning when bidding for a classic car, or dream piece of property. At that point, maintaining self-control becomes a painstaking effort.


Charity auctions stand out the most. There, the goal is for as much money to be raised as possible for those in need. And whilst the experience turns into a win-win scenario – that strong presence of rivalry is unavoidable.


For this to happen, a good host is instrumental. Their task is to turn up the heat, and entice participation of as many persons as possible, while also maintaining the appropriate decorum.

The ideal auctioneer…

Ask them anything. “How many items are left?”, “What is the opening bid?”, “Is payment to made immediately, or via wire transfer?”. The golden rule is this: engagement = preparation. This is especially true during charity auctions, whereby presenting the cause takes an honest, and heartfelt approach. That ensures that the entire event becomes more authentic, and ever so personal.

Auctions are no causal formality. These events have unlimited potential for emotions. When carrying out an auction, I am aware of the stakes. These can range from key medical equipment, to sending children to a summer camp abroad. In some cases, I too can be partial to the feelings involved. Despite hosting from a raised podium, I am capable of descending and engaging with the audience as well. I’m able to ask them of their motivations behind their choices and engage them on family stories. Sometimes, a loved one is a guest of the foundation, adding to their motivations. Most importantly, when discussing feelings, we have a unique ability to break the ice. That ensures motivated bidders auction that much harder - making the goal of raising funds, that much easier.

Umiejętność mówienia o uczuciach pozwala przełamać lody, a także sprawić, że i „bardziej rozważni” licytujący mocniej zaangażują się w przebieg.

With different guests and causes, no auction is the same. That’s why I’d be hesitant to trust an auctioneer recycling an act, in an attempt to maintain the highest possible bidding. I prefer a hint of spontaneity: anything to attain the highest bid. On some subjects, I’ll take a long pause, begin a line of questioning, and maintain a rapport with the audience. At other times, I make rapid sales, reminding the public to be hot on their heels. Above all, instead of constantly speaking, I listen and remain attentive to every gesture.

It was once said that only a mother can multitask. Today, I am often hearing that nobody on the planet can truly juggle everything at once. This contention doesn’t make the role of auctioneer an easier experience, where one must remember a great deal. What is the current bidding price? Who was the last to bid? Which side of the room is lagging on their bids? Who are the two gentlemen engaged in a bidding war? These are details which permit for a more exciting event. On occasion, the mind may not register the current price, leading to an earlier amount being announced. Adjusting one’s hairstyle may also trigger a bid interpretation. Such mistakes may happen. But what matters here, is a quick ability to auto correct and even employ a hint of comic self-depreciation.

I’m not the type to arrive to the venue, request the script, and barricade inside the dressing room. Firstly, I will have mastered the script long before the event. Secondly, I will ensure you feel my support throughout the entire preparation of the event. That includes commitment during rehearsals. Therefore, I will not only follow your vision, but I’ll also advise you on any possible improvements. Throughout many of my past auctions, where item lists would grow extensive, a short break would become highly recommended. You’ll find that upon returning to the main event, guests’ enthusiasm will remain consistent. I will also review the stage layout with you, to provide insights on any details that can be adjusted to entice the audience to the best possible extent.

Auctions are uniquely demanding events.
Discover what clients are saying on this matter:

I had the opportunity to meet Maciej at the 12th Congress of Family Companies, at Hotel Victoria in Warsaw in late 2019. Mr Maciej ran a charity auction which managed to raise more than 100,000 PLN for hospices. I was greatly impressed with the intellect, elegance, and responsiveness with which he directed the room of over 400 people. He knew exactly when the time came to raise the stakes and when to give the auctioneers a breather. Some very candid and authentic words of appreciation for Mr. Maciej were shared with other event attendees!

Andrzej Zalega on LinkedIn

I’ve been keeping my eye on Maciek in Poznan the conference and meetings market since 2015. He is a conferencier with a sense of humour, apt rebuttal, and unbridled ability to get the audience interested. I have witnessed his spectacular rise in the ranks, and I am thrilled that we can meet again this year at PMPIAD in Poznan.

Caroline Clarke

Great Event! You maintain great contact with both the young and the old. English language, class, and responses - I'm well and truly impressed. All the best and see you live or onscreen.

Jacek Ox

Maciek, Once again, thank you very much for your commitment and complete professionalism at this event. Excellent job.

Agnieszka Gall

Thank you again for last night's show. Because this hugely entertaining, and festive atmosphere was to a great extent due to your merit!

Violette Parch