Comprehensive event organisation support

A million questions arise when building your spectacle. The answers are here, with my support.

You needn’t worry about a lack of attention during your event’s preparation.

If you’re a highly experienced HR or Marketing professional, then you’ll have most likely adopted a respectful attitude towards organising large events. Every one of us knows that connecting with guests’ requirements, particularly those from differing backgrounds, is itself a colossal challenge.


I may not own an event agency, but I have operated at the core of the industry for over a decade. As a professional journalist and conference host, I have co-organised such an extensive event repertoire, that I can confidently evaluate the elements of success. I have met fantastic people, who like me, take immense pride in their professions.


And owing to my joy of working with likeminded enthusiasts and industry representatives, I will divulge to you – how best to realise your ideal event.

Onstage perfection begins backstage.

fot. Paweł Tomalka

How to organise the ideal event

The event industry has transformed drastically in Poland, over the last decade. We can discuss professionalism and a more personalised approach in line with client needs, but there is the aspect that ‘drives the momentum’ necessary for success. With this said, it matters greatly which companies you engage in your project.

Avoid the deadly mistake of focusing plainly on price points. Yes, stakes are astronomical, and resources remain finite. But be sure to verify, beforehand, your partner’s experience in managing similar events. Concrete references matter most, from photos, to videos, to tangible testimonials.

Appearances create decisive impressions. Aside from room size and aesthetics, pay attention to its practicality. For instance, when organising a 500-guest dinner, complete with artistic performances, ensure the right infrastructure is in place. Can acrobat ropes dangle from this ceiling? In which room will the cover band be able to make their preparations?

When organising large-scale spectacles, well-equipped rooms with easy loading access are an ideal setting. Lastly, when planning a two-day event, ensure sufficient rooms for all guests.

Your boss may be an excellent manager, but will they handle a public address? The best course of action is creating the conditions for a calm and effective presentation. I will take particular care of your speakers, days prior to their onstage appearance, to instil the confidence they need. In addition to training at your place of convenience, you may also count on my support on the day of the event itself. If I am also tasked with being your event host, then I will ensure an ecstatic atmosphere, and provide key advice, at key moments before our joint appearance. It is my mission to help you and ensure your team shine in the limelight.

Employ vigilance before the event itself. Consulting with me will prevent trial-and-error scenarios to ever take shape. Experience helps me to recognise and mitigate problematic scenarios, such as flawed scripts, or poorly-briefed performers. When working with the same team, you risk aggravating points of vulnerability. My assistance is possible, even days prior to the event, with finding the ideal solutions and personnel who will inspire confidence in management and inspire your guests.

A perfect event involves universal awareness of ones’ roles. Therefore, in case of doubt, as a proactive measure, all roles must be identified. A good solution for larger productions, is the use of badges or lanyards, complete with contact details of key event personnel.

Organise meetings for each member of staff, whose role may overlap at certain stages of the production. Discuss all scenarios, from best to worst-case. The coronavirus pandemic has propelled the importance of maintaining a ‘Plan B’. My American colleagues would say “Hope for the best, but prep for the worst”. I could not agree more.

I will gladly assist you in advising you on the best course of action.