How best to select a hosting pair?

Double the hosts can double your event’s value. Just be sure to choose from the best. 

When planning a duet, do not juxtapose your hosts.

When a pair of hosts lead a spectacle, there’s a chance of drawing infinitely greater attention. An elegant duet, providing mutual support and contact will provide your audience with a new level of added value. But should a rivalry or misunderstanding separate the two – it will produce an outcome that’s far less savoury.


Therefore, when organising a sophisticated soiree, pay special attention to the characters of both hosts. They should, above all, complement one another. There are those who leverage empathy and teamwork to adapt to any configuration. But there are also those who will go above and beyond to dazzle on stage.

A good step to take would be organising a brief meeting with potential hosts. Get down to brass tacks. Inform them of their candidacy, but also of the need for certainty that they will operate on the same wavelength. Those who share that understanding will respect the need for certainty. This vetting process is helpful to promptly verifying your choice.