Host for a gala - how to find the right one?

When you organize a festivity, pay attention to the details. Make sure the event host has a thorough understanding of your needs.

The more questions in preparation, the fewer question marks during implementation.

The more thorough the research, the less risk of error. Verify experience by typing a particular presenter’s name into a YouTube search. If he or she has hosted notable events, you’re sure to find recordings there. Also look for photos of events to see if the entertainer’s appearance and manner convince you. You can call the company that hosted the event to hear an authentic opinion.

Zwróć też uwagę na kategorię „wszechstronnych” prowadzących, gotowych poprowadzić zarówno wręczenie nagród, jak i dożynki czy juwenalia. Ktoś, kto dobrze sprawdzi się w klimacie festynu, niekoniecznie będzie przekonujący na imprezie wieczornej.

Less is more. Consider what is most important about your event. Do you want to thank customers, recognize employees, or perhaps announce an important decision? Sometimes an agenda item that seems indispensable to you (such as a detailed story about the company’s beginnings) will not necessarily win the appreciation of your guests.

Przygotowując plan wydarzenia, miej na uwadze to, jakich ludzi zaprosiłeś – i co te osoby lubią robić i oglądać.  

Praktyczna porada odnośnie eventów wieczornych: część artystyczna nie powinna trwać dłużej niż 30 minut, jeśli gościom nie podano jeszcze jedzenia.  

You yourself know which of the invited guests is crucial for you. Think it over, because when you “with special honors” call out almost half the room, no one will feel special – instead, weariness will set in. If there are many people and companies to whom you are grateful, instead of reading out each one individually, display the names on an LED screen.

A gdy na scenie chcesz nagradzać, skorzystaj z mojego doświadczenia. Mam wiele sprawdzonych sposobów na sprawne i atrakcyjne wręczenie nagród – napisz do mnie w tej sprawie, a chętnie doradzę.  

Of course. I believe that every person – introvert and extrovert; rookie and media veteran – has a unique story within him. My job is to create a friendly environment for him to present himself from his best side. I will be happy to meet with your team before the event to suggest proven presentation methods. I will also support during rehearsals. And if someone is not comfortable standing on stage alone – I can raise all the threads with him in a light form of an interview. I know from experience that such conversations come off more naturally than a learned lecture.

Something that looks easy on paper can get complicated in practice. As an announcer during a rehearsal, I catch all the potential pitfalls. Sometimes it’s a name that needs to be read with an unusual accent. Other times, the technicians will prepare too few microphones or it turns out that one of the directors has trouble changing slides. Through rehearsal, we can get to know each other better and “tame” the stage so that we feel much more at ease during the event.

My recipe for an unforgettable gala

I want you and your team to be in the foreground that day. My job is to attract attention, but not to steal the show. So I will take care of elegance, the right words and a good atmosphere. I won’t build artificial pathos and I won’t read sentences off a page.

I will prepare thoroughly enough to answer about your company in an interesting and accessible way. Just as if I were part of the team myself.

I will fill in the script points in the time you set. And when you tell me about last-minute changes or complications, I will present them in such a way that none of your guests will sense a problem.

We don't speak Polish, but thanks to Maciej, the audience caught a great contact with us.

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