Conference “Code Innovation”

We met in a beautiful place to talk about the soft underbelly of the sales world. Have you thought, ever thought about what is behind the barcode – the one we scan when buying some commodity? As the host of this event, I did a solid research. I learned that there is a worldwide standard that dates back to the 1970s. In the 1960s.

Conference participants came to this second edition to develop business relationships, but also to listen to lectures by experts. Piotr Bucki, whom I have known for years from the best presentations during the conference “I love marketing”, dealt with the subject of robotization. “Will they take our job, or what competences will be useful to us in the 21st century?” – this is the subject of his presentation. Natalia Hatalska from talked about the future of digitization.

Ostatnią częścią tego klimatycznego wieczoru w praskiej Butelkowni było rozdanie nagród firmom, które do poprawy efektywności wykorzystały standardy GS1.


What the organizers and participants have to say

Marta Szymborska
Marta SzymborskaHead of Marketing Communications, GS1 Poland
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The board was impressed by both Mr. Maciej's preparation and the management itself.
Place of the event
Butelkownia - Koneser, Warszawa
Event client
GS1 Poland
Event date
Award Ceremonies, Conferences
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