'Aces of 2020' Awards Ceremony


Here are some of the challenges we faced in organizing this online event:

  • How can we organize an equally-engaging awards ceremony amidst the coronavirus-induced restrictions? We started with mandatory COVID-19 testing for every participant.
  • How do we ‘rediscover’ an event with years of embedded tradition? It was always based on a meeting of minds – but never organized as a live remote event!
  • How do I keep viewers engaged over a 2-hour-long stream? More than 100 winners received awards ‘virtually’ that evening.

Together with the Deep Grey agency and the bank's employees, we placed a great emphasis on interactivity. That is why I carried a tablet device throughout the event, from which I not only read out the names of upcoming prize winners – but that I also responded to a live discussion feed, which was vital as it was the speaking corner of the bank's employees. The level of engagement was incredible – with new conversation threads constantly popping up. Not only did I read out the statements, but I also proposed further topics of conversation. So, we can safely say that we have created some true dialogue.

And although Mela Koteluk made her musical performance earlier, we all connected live throughout the event. All this was to talk about the emotions accompanying the concert. We even announced it all together. The reaction of the event was sensational, as shown by the photos sent in by the viewers:


Zwierzęta kot i pies oglądają event online na ekranie telewizora


What are organisers and participants saying?

Thank you for your warm demeanour, ability to listen, and managing of the event! We felt a sense of confidence, and comfort - thanks to your good work.

Katarzyna Załuska-Głuszczyńska

Organiser, Director of Recruitment and Employee Development, Crédit Agricole