XV PMI Poland Chapter International Congress


I have been working alongside the Poznań project management community for a number of years. In Poznań, in 2018, I met with this group of ambitious people, often working for large corporations:

Uczestnicy konferencji trzech mężczyzn ścianka event kulisy hotel spotkanie garnitury

I did not suspect at the time that our next meeting would take place without even a single handshake. At the end of 2020, we saw each other in the virtual space. For four evenings, a congress was held with the participation of 300 participants. Thanks to the use of Hopin, we were able not only to see and hear, but also to debate. As a presenter, I used the platform to animate discussions – where I often referred to entries during subsequent announcements. I was further responsible for the whole course of events on the main stage.

And how did we prepare the entire event? I spoke about this moment following its completion, with Tomasz Grochowski, President of PMI Chapter Poland:

Zuzanna Skalska, Bartek Rycharski, Mark Lines, Millie Taing, Maria Parysz and many others performed on the virtual stage. The whole production was conducted once in English, and once in Polish, depending on the speaker.


What are organisers and participants saying?

Maciej — congratulations for leading and, above all, for preparing to lead the 15th PMI Congress. I am truly impressed with how quickly you have been able to adapt to the context of the speakers' presentations. And personally, I thank you for your perceptive questions to them, especially for those directed to Greta Blash.

Katarzyna Kramarczyk-Strehl

Participant, Project Manager, iTTi

Thank you for leading this year's PMI Congress and for the amicable conversation. I hope everything went your way. If however, it did not go as well, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. You've carried out a fantastic job and I only wish to say ... congratulations!

Paweł Bochnowski

Speaker, Business Reporting Solutions

Great performance on PMI Congress! Thanks for creating a great atmosphere.

Adelia Sharipova

Participant, Senior Financial Specialist at PwC

I commend you on your 15th International Pc PMI Congress. It's one of the more well-conducted events I've ever seen.

Anna Krasowska

Participant, Training and Recruitment Specialist, Mazowiecki Airport Warszawa-Modlin