An Online ‘Christmas Party’ Evening


This is the only event in my career where my cat, British Benson, was in the frame. No one pulled out the consequences, moreover – the participants, when he unexpectedly showed up at my side, quickly picked up on the subject. It turned out that at this evening, pre-Christmas event, there were many sympathizers of cats and dogs, and that it was a good material to start with.

Of course, with Benson, I didn't set that performance. However, since all participants were given from their homes and offices, this was a risk. The risks that the company's employees calculate on a daily basis.

In addition to me and Benson, they performed Ladies of Power, an extremely energetic female trio, as well as Magician Y. I knew them from earlier realizations, but on this occasion, even before their performances, I was able to interact. Igrek explained in an interview with me how the illusion is useful a week before Christmas, but also mentioned his experiences with the insurance industry.

The whole was complemented by a festive atmosphere and... Hopin platform. I have already met her through an event for PMI Chapter Poland - click here- also implemented using this tool. I write about Hopin because he is good. It not only allows you to watch a joint event, comment, but also divide into groups at the same time. What’s more, is there’s an option of one-on-one interaction, during which the computer randomly assigns us a partner for a 5-minute conversation, and also hints at topics of conversation if it does not stick. He then switches to the next person – well, unless both sides agree to ask Hopin for extra time. It worked great at this event.