"Leader" Program Gala and Competition Results Announcement


At the turn of 2019, I was at the Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, where I hosted a large charity gala, combined with an auction.Several hundred elegantly dressed people celebrated in the stately ballroom. I wouldn’t’ve suspected that I would lead the next gala – just over a year later – without a single audience member.

VISAU, a company that has been involved in organizing technical events for years, quickly adapted to the new situation. In cooperation with Sofitel, they turned the ballroom into a state-of-the-art studio equipped for online events. It was furnished with three high-resolution LED screens, a spectacular LED Stripes ceiling, ambient lighting, media server and streaming station, which you can read about on Hotelarz.pl.

I was impressed with this space, and already especially the arrangement for the gala program "Leader" of the National Center for Research and Development. This is the most important initiative of the NCBR, thanks to which dozens of scientists can develop their research every year. In the 2020 edition, more than PLN 100 million in funding was awarded. 63 courageous people who have taken up the challenge and want to initiate author's research have set up research teams and will be able to manage projects.

As a presenter, I felt the importance of that evening. My task was extraordinary, because although we were all impressed by the achievements of scientists, we could not shake hands with them. Thanks to the right idea of the Organizers, we changed the personal presence to virtual. Not only did they see their ideas on the big screen and hear the laudations, but they could also connect with us. Although we rewarded dozens of people, as a announcer with almost every one of them I swapped a few words. I inquired about projects, catching interesting threads. Sometimes I noticed a detail in their clothes or home interior design, and it served as a chatting conversation. I wasn't afraid to speak to them openly and without a script.

Thanks to these treatments, we have shortened the distance of this online evening. I am aware that at a time when we are miles of internet links in such events, establishing cordial, lively contact is even more important than ever.


What are organisers and participants saying?

(M)agnificent (A)mbitious (C)reative (I)ngenious (E)xtroverted (K)nockout

The complete Maciek in a nutshell! 😊

Beata Chmolewska

Organizer, Head of Marketing and Communications Support