I Love Marketing Conference (2021 Edition)


What made this ninth edition so outstanding?

The 'I Love Marketing' conference already has its own well-established brand. It is considered by many to be the unofficial Polish Championship in marketing. I've been the narrator of the event since its inception in 2016, and it's also a place where I feel at home. I consider gamification to be some of the strongest points of the #ilovemkt (viewers vote for each of the presentations, and speakers with the highest scores are invited to the next edition of the conference), as well as an attractive, concise format of 18-minute presentations.

But, it's one thing to watch nearly 20 speeches a day in the cinema over 4 days, when we are all in one place and feel the energy of the speakers, and another thing – to participate from home, where we have a hundred other items on our mind, children over our heads – as well as the fact that evening-time conferences are part of a dream world.

That is why we completely changed the style and format of the speeches (which I'll explain in a moment), and we have shortened the event – from 8-9 hours to 4-5 hours a day.


How can viewers feel a sense of community?

Together with the Organizers, we developed a formula that participants of the conference on the Vistula have not yet seen. First of all, the speakers recorded their presentations in the best-possible studio. This means that they had a few days to perfect their 18-minute speech in front of the camera. In the spirit of minimalism known especially to Apple fans, we recorded speeches on a white background, but with 4 cameras and with excellent lighting. Later, the animators added additional value to the presentations – almost every 10 seconds they changed the content of the graphic of the speaker's side. They created multidimensional animations, accessible charts, and sometimes added short videos and memes.

And if that wasn't enough, these presentations were just the starting point for great discussions. In the studio, we gathered all the speakers on a given day, and my task was to bind the whole event together, adding more value to the viewers. So I conducted many hours of attractive conversations on the scale of the best TV talk show. The substantive value was dazzling with a light, witty and instantly engaging form.

I did not leave my tablet device, from which I read the comments of the viewers, as well as the questions they sent in the Q&A section. What's more, is of course, I worked with a traditional earpiece, from which the organizers issued me requests and tips.


Live feeds - worried about 'unsavoury' comments?

And here's the biggest surprise: no! As you can see in the video above, for all 4 days I received dozens of phone calls on the air. Conference participants would call and ask any question to the speaker, as well as share their thoughts.

Thanks to this, we could count on many inspiring discussions. Magdalena Urbaniak, one of the speakers, even proclaimed that we do free creative work for callers. I am incredibly happy to be part of such an extraordinary initiative, as seen on popular news and comedy shows. I believe that such courage of the organizer is the ultimate trust that they give to their recipients.

Many marketers called the studio, some from big cities, with others from smaller towns. There were those who manage big budgets, but above all, there were those who took their first steps in the world of marketing. My ambition was what I always had to do – to treat everyone equally, with the same attention – and to make everyone feel that we are here with a common goal. And most importantly – no one allowed themselves to hate or demean any of the people. On each of the days we maintained a great atmosphere in the face of an impressive nearly-1000 spectators.

for more information about how I co-created the previous hybrid edition click here.


What are organisers and participants saying?

The pandemic turned the event market upside down - and we had to move online. What did this mean? It required a new format, and our biggest challenge and goal was to build interaction with participants online. It wouldn't have worked out so well without a brilliant leader.
Always on time, always engaged and prepared. What more to say - Maciek is - hands down - the best in his profession.

Karolina Antowska

#ilovemkt conference organizer.